About us

In the Spring of 2012 Scuffs in a Rush was created. Born out of desperation as the owner grew tired of body shops that promised timelines, and they missed them, gave quotes and then exceeded them, ensured quality and then delivered far less.

The business which only served its sister business, a local high end preowned car dealership and a select group of its suppliers including two Mercedes dealerships, two Nissan dealerships, Lexus, Infiniti, Honda, Chevrolet, Chrysler store, and one of the largest used car dealerships in Ontario.

Then dealers started sending their clients directly to us, clients with damaged leased vehicles coming due and their clients that they had personal relationships with, and then more, and more.

The decision was made that we should offer our services to the marketplace clearly there was a demand. We have now served thousands of clients in the Greater Ottawa area.

Our pledge to you, we won’t promise something we can’t deliver – we know what that feels like and we won’t do it. We’ll be straightforward and offer honest advice while saving you money.

The name – Scuffs in a Rush, well it was created when we were serving only car dealerships, and it was cute and funny – we laughed out loud when we came up with it. We didn’t realize that we would end up serving the retail public. Frankly the name doesn’t really encompass what we do but it’s our name and reminder where this all started, and we won’t forget it.

Today we still serve many new car dealerships now we look forward to serving you too.